Log House
One of a series of "tinies." The "tinies" work up fast...especially if you use a textured wool as your border.(As seen in this visual.) 8"x10".
$ 0.00

Call of the Wild
A smaller, whimsical pattern of the frozen north. Easy shapes and a message you can use or delete. 18"x20".
$ 0.00

Acorn Chairpad
A favorite design of mine because I live on Oak Ridge. Originally designed for my sister to match a piece of carved furniture. The scalloped border could be finished as a penny rug edge instead of being hooked. 16"rd.
$ 0.00

Trophy Trout
A favorite among fishermen. A rainbow trout framed by an antique wood-grain border. 9.5"x20".
$ 0.00

Tundra Trail
A long narrow runner that could be used on a rustic wood table or above a door. It looks like a dangerous scene until you look at the faces of the last deer and the fox. 12"x56.5" or 16"x19.5"
$ 0.00

Mountain Goats
Designed for a woman in Colorado. 25"x38".
$ 0.00

Northern Lights
If you live in a state where you can see the northern lights, it is like a magic show. The colors in the sky keep changing and are mesmerizing. 29"x41".
$ 0.00

Cabins in the Woods
If you love the northwoods and log cabins, this is the rug for you! Very fun to hook. 31"x40".
$ 0.00

Lakeside Cabin
Originally designed after a cabin at a Bible camp in Missouri. MN has a lot of cabins! Hooked by Julie Lundquist. 20"x30"
$ 0.00

Inspired by an Arts and Crafts stained glass window. Sunrise or sunset colors behind dark tree shapes. The center area could be a hit-or-miss neutral color. A great rug under a piece of furniture or in a hallway. 24"x47". This one was hooked by Marie Schropp of Iowa.
$ 0.00


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