Snow Cottage
An early pattern that has been very popular. Makes a cozy pillow...I added a buffalo plaid as a side border and backing. 14' SQ.
$ 0.00

Tulip Tea Cozy
Since I collect tea pots, this cozy pattern was a must! Sheila Gahr of MN holds the record for hooking at least a dozen of these as gifts...she used a different color scheme every time. Instructions included for making the tea cozy. 12"x14".
$ 0.00

Rose Cottage Tea Cozy
A second choice to make a tea cozy. This design is a little more formal than the previous pattern, 'Tulip Tea Cozy'. Choose colors that remind you of an English Cottage home. Pinks hues work well for the climbing roses around the door. A white picket fence is a must! 13"x14.5"
$ 0.00

Morton House
The original logo for Morton House Primitives. When I moved to Houston, MN the name was changed to reflect my new location, Oak Ridge Cottage Rugs. The Morton House is adapted from an antique quilt block. Hooked by Kate Kiely. 28" sq.
$ 0.00

Hollyhock House
One of my very favorite rugs. The cottage was inspired by an antique English penny bank. I added the hollyhocks because I never was very good at growing them and I love their old-fashioned look. The braided-look border is meant to represent a brick garden path. Hooked by Kathie Bailey. 28"x38".
$ 0.00

Wishing Well Cottage
A lady from Vermont asked me to create this pattern based on an old rug from the 30's or 40's. It's a fairly large rug, but you won't get bored with all the diffent motifs. Looks good with an old-fashioned black outline. Not shown on this picture is a 2.5" outside border. 34.5"x50.5".
$ 0.00

Cactus Town
Another southwest design with a special "key" border. 23"x32".
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