Angel Doorstop
A small detail of "Angels in the Sky." Inspired by a native American design. In this smaller size it can be used as a stuffed doorstop, bookend or decorative mantel piece. 9" rd.
$ 0.00

Angels in the Sky
This rug is a larger version of the previous pattern, 'Angel Doorstop'. It is based on a native American design. The heavens look like a circus with the angel balancing on the horses among the stars. Pattern could be used in a southwestern decor. Hooked by Lori Gillick. 32"x46"
$ 0.00

Man in the Moon
Available as a chairpad size (14"rd.-no lettering) or as a round rug (26" rd.with lettering.) May be hooked in pastels for a child's room or in brighter colors for an accent on your floor.
$ 0.00

Itty Bitty Angel
A pillow sized detail of the rug "Evening Angels". May be used as a companion piece, or as a smaller hooked accent. A great choice around the holiday season. I used a sparkle yarn as an accent on the stars and wings. 12" sq.
$ 0.00

Evening Angels
Rug based on an old favorite prayer. This would be an excellent choice for a child's bedroom.
$ 0.00

Twinkle Stars
An early design that works well with left-over scraps of wool. An excellent choice for the beginning rug hooker. This mat was featured in "The Rug Hook Book" by Thomas Boswell.18"x24".
$ 0.00

Night of the Shooting Star
If you hook this as a nocturnal piece, I think of the deer as being one of God's creatures observing the Star of Bethlehem. If you use colors of the summer in the mountains, you will get an entirely different scene. 14"x27.5".
$ 0.00

Star and Berries
A very simple mat that can be personalized with the name of a special person. This small piece was hooked for my mother. 10"x15"
$ 0.00

Berry Heart and Stars
Berry Heart and Stars is a cheery stair tread design for your stairway. If you don't have a step to display the piece your tabletop would be a fun alternative. Very graphic and easy to hook. 10" x 28"
$ 0.00


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